Big Data can Potentially grow your Business to the Next Level

Have you ever wonder, how big companies keep increasing their sale every year? I hope you have, and the answer we have been looking for is in the big data. Till now, you have been understanding the group of people that visit your store on a regular basis. You know what this group of people want and you bring stock according to their demand and lifestyle. This model for business is no better, as customers have better options for shopping, these days. But, if you still want to streamline, and steadily grow your business, you need to gather data around business operating area to reach more customers. Along with this, you might have to move onto modern technologies to boost sale. This includes mobile application, an e-commerce website, and business management tools. This will also give you a chance to reach an even wider audience.

Now if we talk about data, and how it helps, the first question that comes to your mind is how to gather big data and how to utilize the same. In this blog, we will talk about Big Data Solutions.

What is Big Data?

When you collect a large quantity of data about customers based on their like, dislikes, region, gender, shopping habits, etc., is called big data. This helps you to understand your customers and their needs before they decide to buy new products. When you know about your customers, you can easily connect with them and sell your products at the best rate.

Whatever data you gather about the customer is always helpful so never delete anything.

Problems in big data

Collecting data — When you have a connection with customers, it easier to collect their data, but what about people who have never been in contact with your business? This is where you have to work smarter and try to connect with them.

There are many ways to connect with the audience, and one of the ways is running PPC/ social media campaigns and ask them about your company & how they feel about the products that you are selling. When you run these campaigns, you have the options of reaching a particular audience. For example; you can run a campaign based on a particular location, gender, and lifestyle. Some platforms like Google Ad Words and Facebook Marketing channel, help you to reach this particular audience and narrow down your targeting audience based on their collected data.

With the help of these campaigns, more people will hear from you and if someone likes your products or services, you will get notified and your campaign manager will also help you to understand more about customers and contact them. When a customer tries to connect, you can collect basic information about them, so next time you want to sell something, you can directly send a notification regarding the sale.

There are many other ways you can connect with your audience. But, when you have big data, it becomes hard for you to understand this data and meet customers needs one by one. Here, you need to opt for technology that can help you with Big Data and Analytics.

Big Data and Analytics

There are data scientists available in the market, but hiring them is quite costly, but the solution for this is available. You can use software that can help you to manage data and also maintain the same. Certainly, you will get more results as this software also comes with facilities to run campaigns.

With analytics, you can make better marketing strategies that could work in real time. One of the advantages of analytics is that you learn more about your customer, products, services and also how can improve your brand.

Big Data Analytics tools will advantage in improving your campaign, learning marketing trend, machine learning, AI and targeting more audience at a lower cost. This sounds like a real deal. In some case, this software also assists you in growing company internally, by helping you make smarter decisions.

Here are some of the tools that you can use for Big Data Solutions
• Amazon Web Service
• Google BigQuery
• Microsoft Azure
• Actian Analytics Platform
• Google Bigdata
• IBM Big Data

Some of the highly used software and comes with the best services. You can find all the above feature and more functionalities in this software.

Another option you have is developing your own big data application. If you go this way then you can add your custom features and more. This will be your onetime cost and you can also add more feature to the application in the future. Whereas, when you use paid big data software, you have to pay for every subscription period and it’s an ongoing expense. So, if you plan to save money and address more audience then developing your big data software could one of the best option.

Wondering, where to get started? Start with campaigns and utilize the campaign data to the best. Once you start with something, you will get more ideas as you go further. And when you are running a campaign, try outing all type of marketing campaigns then stick to one that drives you more results.

Gathering data and managing isn’t the same thing, try to analyze your data for more results. As the analyze drive helps you fill the missing information and also suggest you find lost information. This will make your data stronger.

Custom software or paid software, whatever comes to your budget is the best option for now. But if you are planning for tomorrow, then developing your big data software that has the feature of AI and ML is a way to go option.

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