All You Need to Know About WordPress 5.2

WordPress is ruling over all the development platforms. Whether it’s the company’s official website or someone’s personal blog, everyone is choosing WordPress for the best service. On the other hand, WordPress is also updating every time just to give better functionality to its users.

Recently, most of the website updated to the newest version 5.2 of WordPress. This new update let everyone to increase the Site Health security feature as well as also save against cyber-attacks and added an additional protection level. As an addition to the enhancement of the WordPress development services, the new version brings a sigh of relief to those who use CMS from the security point of view. Later in February, WordPress 5.1 version was introduced and now 5.2 is ruling the website game.

Key Features of WordPress 5.2

There are two features of WordPress that are really very helpful for the developers as 5.1 added Site Health which is actually a suite feature that helps to focus on security as well as the speed of the website. On the other hand, 5.2 established along with the Site Health Check which is being updated with the two new pages to help debug as well as solve the issues of common configuration.

Apart from that, Site Health Check also introduces a space where any developers can hold debugging data for site maintainers. If we talk about the PHP Error Protection then, a director-centered update lets you securely fix or oversee deadly mistakes without requiring engineer time. PHP Error Protection includes better treatment of the white screen of death. Meanwhile, it additionally offers an approach to enter recuperation mode, which stops mistake causing modules or subjects.

Furthermore, the new update aka WordPress 5.2 brings availability updates to improve relevant mindfulness and console route stream for those utilizing screen per users and other assisting innovations. There are likewise 13 new dashboard symbols and module similarity checks WordPress will consequently decide whether your site’s form of PHP is perfect with introduced modules. Well, below have a look at the features of the WordPress 5.2 version:

A few of the checks done by Site Health Tools in reference to the performance and security are as follows;

Performance & Functionality Checks Comprise

  • WordPress version check
  • PHP version check
  • If SQL version is updated
  • If required PHP modules are installed and currently updated
  • If UTF8MB4 is supported
  • Schedule events check
  • Working HTTP request checks
  • Availability of REST API
  • Check the functioning of Loopback requests

Security Checks Comprise

  • If all running themes are active and running smoothly
  • If all the plugins are updated
  • If HTTPs connection is enabled
  • If communication is safe and secure
  • If debug mode is enabled or disabled
  • If the background updates are working
  • Seamless communication with

What WordPress 5.2 have for developers:

WordPress 5.2 arrives with lots of features for developers as some of the keen features of the updates are as follows:

New Body Hook

The new version of WordPress explains the wp_body_open hook. This will help you to let themes support some of the injecting code licenses at the beginning of the detail.

Building JavaScript

Developers do not have to worry regarding the setting of difficult build tools which are used to write modern JavaScript.

PHP Version Bump

Now the minimum supported version of PHP has been changed, and now it becomes 5.6.20. After the arrival of new version plugins as well as themes can safety take benefits of functions, namespaces, etc.

Privacy Updates

To make the Privacy Policy page easier the options like page template, conditional function as well as two CSS classes are there to design and customize it very clearly.

Multisite Metadata

It also gives the new table of the database to keep metadata which is associated with the website as well as let the developers for the storage of arbitrary site data similar in a network context.

Cron API

The new function has been updated in it to help with returning data and adds new filters for transforming Cron storage for the developers.

New JS Build Processes

The processes have five offers such as:

• WP_DEBUG_LOG constant value has been updated

• In the test suite, new test configuration files, and new plugin action hooks

• Short-circuit filters to enable wp_unique_post_slug (), WP_User_Query, and count_users ()

• A new human_readable_duration function

• Updated taxonomy Meta box sanitization

WordPress 5.2’s new security and stability features will not allow activating a plugin if it is not compatible with the website. The recent version of WordPress will support version 5.6.20 of PHP. Hence website owners will have to be more cautious regarding the functionality of their site and also make sure that their website is running a more recent version of PHP before upgrading to version 5.2 of WordPress.

WordPress 5.2 for the non-Geeks

When WordPress 5.2 is a savior for the developers, the non-geek people have equal reasons to rejoice as they can finally identify and resolve errors on their own.

Ideally, coding language is something which needs the expertise to read and understand and errors are barely humanly readable hence it becomes a necessity to hire WordPress Developer who has thorough knowledge in the subject matter.

Well, if you are not a WordPress expert, you can Hire WordPress Developer to help and customize your website as per the latest version. That’s all the folk about WordPress 5.2.

Key Takeaways

If you are one of the millions of WordPress users, it is a must for you to look into this. Being the most favored CMS in the world these security upgrades in the newest version needs to be embraced or else be prepared to be affected by malicious attacks. As if you fail to update your WordPress website will be exposed to vulnerabilities and will impact your online presence. Right from “Fatal errors”, that will impact the functioning of your e-commerce site to issues that might hinder the usability of your site; you cannot afford to ignore the update. As following the best practices for your online security, it is mandatory to upgrade to the latest version.